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2016 Provincials
SNCSPL Info Sheet
SPN Tournaments
(at Barrie Sports Complex)
Sat. May 7
Early Bird
(one-day only)
M D/E, L B/C/D/E, C D/E/F
Sat. June 4
The Zones
(one-day only)
M D/E, L B/C/D/E, C D/E/F
Sat. July 9
Mid Summer Classic
(one-day only)
M D/E, L B/C/D/E, C D/E/F
Sat. August 13
Last Chance
(one-day only)
M D/E, L B/C/D/E, C D/E/F

Click here to enter any of the above tournaments...
A legal bat in our League and/ or tournaments, MUST have one of the 2 symbols shown below on it! Penalty for using a bat without either symbol is ejection from the game for batter AND coach!
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*New* Sponsorship Info Sheet
For teams that are looking for sponsorships, we have made up a
SNCSPL info sheet...providing prospective sponsors with some info about our League...which may help in their decision to sponsor a team...

Reschedule Policy
We have had many many many requests to change game times on certain dates.
It is now up to the TEAMS themselves to arrange a change of game time!
To do so...contact the team you are supposed to play, to see if changing game time is agreeable. If so, contact the teams scheduled to play in the time slot you are requesting. If ALL teams are agreeable, the switch may be made.
If ANY of the teams are NOT agreeable, the schedule will stay as is!
Please cc your executive members with ALL requests, so we are kept "in the loop".
Go to CONTACTS page for links to all team reps...

Tournament schedule
(click here to see game times for June 4 "The Zones" tournament)
Schedule will be posted by either Wed. or Thurs. this week...

Barrie Youth Slo-Pitch League
The third season of the Barrie Youth League is about to get underway.
It is designed to provide slo-pitch for youth ages 12 to 17,
regardless of ability or financial situation.
Click here for more details...

Slo-Pitch National (SPN)
Barrie Men's Slo-Pitch
Barrie Ladies Slo-Pitch
Orillia Men's & Ladies
2015 Champs
Coors Light Division
League: Adrenaline
Playoffs: Adrenaline
Canadian Division
League: Hammers Well Drilling
Playoffs: Simcoe Sealer
Canadian Light Division
League: Hunnies & Nuts
Playoffs: Mud Hens
Export Division
League: Ball Busters
Playoffs: Angels
Corona Division
Playoffs: Breaking Bats

Winning team MUST report score within 24 hours! A fine and/ or forfeit may be levied against teams that do not comply.
Click here to email result, or use Report Score link.
Other Tourney's

June 25-26
Slo-Pitch for Autism
Click here for info